Position Statements

1) Feral Cat Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)
This progressive population control program is the only proven method of stabilizing and eventually reducing the size of feral/stray cat colonies. Learn more on this site and Alley Cat Allies site.

2) Pet Limit Laws
These laws are simply not effective in protecting people from nuisance animal behaviors, nor do they protect animals from hoarders. More animal control dollars and animal lives would be saved with better animal welfare legislation.

3) Mandatory Pet Licensing
With an average 2% compliance rate, these laws seldom help reunite lost animals with their homes. Low-cost microchipping would help save more money and lives.

4) Mandatory Spay/Neuter Laws
These laws have simply not been effective at reducing shelter intake or euthanasia rates. Animal Outreach opposes mandatory spay/neuter laws and believe that laws are not the best way to approach the problem of killing healthy animals in our shelter. A  comprehensive approach, like targeted spay/neuter programs, community cat diversion programs, enhanced shelter management, Mega adoption events, etc., as detailed by Target Zero, is the best way to lower shelter intake and euthanasia rates. For a more in depth analysis of why we do not support mandatory spay/neuter laws, visit the ASPCA’s position statement.