Every Cat Matters

Animal Outreach tracks the status of every cat using a nationally recognized standard. The data provides a detailed breakdown of the health and adoption status of every cat in our care. We report regularly in the national database Shelter Animals Count.

Adoptions in 2019: 98% Live Release Rate
AOSC cared for 291 cats and adopted out 245 cats in 2019, with a 98% save rate.
Cats in AOSC’s care remain available for adoption as long as necessary (sometimes six months or more), and are never euthanized for space or treatable/manageable medical reasons. We implicitly rely on our trusted veterinarians to guide euthanasia decisions. Sadly, 4 cats were euthanized at our veterinary partner and 3 neo-natal kittens died while in foster care.

The AOSC save rate of 98% is even more impressive because it includes a record 187 animals transferred to AOSC from several open admission, municipal shelters across Indiana. This represents an unprecedented 65% increase over last year. These cats were given a “second chance” at finding a home through AOSC when time and resources had run out at their originating shelters. Those cats transferred in often require medical care or surgery before they can be made available for adoption.

Snow White was transferred in from Indianapolis Animal Care Services and required an emergency leg amputation.

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How is our live release rate calculated?
(Live outcomes (adoptions, transferred to adoption guarantee organizations, return to field) divided by all outcome) *100 = Live Release Rate.