Fostering is incredibly rewarding!

You are the first part of a new journey of love, care, and affection, and we don’t take the responsibility lightly! The length of time you can foster is as long or short as you’re able to open your home. Even if you can only keep a kitty overnight, you’re still an important part of their journey out of a shelter and into a forever home. Fosters do not pay for vet care, the rescue does. We can provide food, crates, and litterboxes/bowls. Any supplies that the foster purchases for a rescue animal are tax-deductible, so we ask that all fosters keep receipts.

The average length of stay in foster care is a mere 41 days. We strive hard to minimize their stay in foster care. We have adoption centers at PetSmart in Franklin, Pet Supplies Plus in Shelbyville, and Feeder’s Pet Store in Greensburg.

Ready to become a hero?? Watch our short (about 15 minutes) foster family orientation video below.

At the conclusion of the video, sign up using the form below the video to start saving lives! (Please don’t click on the link at the end of the video as that is an outdated link.)