About Us

Animal Outreach of Shelby County is the only all-volunteer nonprofit cat advocacy organization for Shelby County.

We mainly concentrate on spay/neuter services for stray and feral cats. We provide humane traps to allow people to catch feral cats so we can take them into the vet to be sterilized and vaccinated. We do occasionally come across cats that can’t be returned to their outdoor home.  In those cases, we will place them up for adoption as an inside cat at one of our 3 adoption centers. We do not have a shelter, only a network of fosters. Our main goal is to reduce the feline overpopulation problem with spay/neuter efforts.

The mission of Animal Outreach of Shelby County is to help increase the live release rate at the Shelbyville Shelby County Animal Shelter and surrounding municipal shelters by encouraging responsible pet ownership, promoting spay/neuter programs, and implementing trap/neuter/return (TNR) as a humane solution to the growing stray and feral cat population.

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