Max at his initial veterinary visit.

Imagine you wake up one morning and step out onto your porch to grab your newspaper when something in the street catches your eye. At first you think it might just be a t-shirt or a rag, lost by a driver going by in a hurry. But when you look closer, you can see that it’s moving. You take a few steps into the street, and that’s when he looks up at you and gives a heartbreaking, “meow.”

This is exactly what happened to Max. He was discovered immobile in the middle of the street by a Good Samaritan who contacted Animal Outreach of

Max on the mend

Shelby County. Because we have generous donors like you, Max was immediately taken to Hillview Veterinary Clinic, where he received X-rays, a cast on his back right leg, and a special diet of kitten food to help promote healing and bone growth.

Without donors, Animal Outreach of Shelby County could never hope to pay for the treatment that Max so desperately needed.

Thanks to you, Max’s care was ENTIRELY PAID FOR in just a few short weeks! Nikki, the volunteer who originally took him to Hillview Veterinary Clinic, was able to foster him while he was healing.

“I have to admit, Max is truly a blessing,” said Steve. “His zest for life is amazing,”

Not only have you impacted Max, who is now fully healed and healthy, but also his forever companion, Steve, who says Max has changed his life. Thank you for your continued support of Max and so many other lucky cats like him!