Snow White was surrendered to Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) by her owner after she got caught up in a mesh laundry hamper. String from the hamper got wound tightly around her leg and has caused terrible swelling. IACS was able to sedate her and remove the cording. Snow White is a sweet kitten who loves people and is very social. She was considered URGENT and in need of rescue ASAP.

IACS staff reached out to us to see if we could help.

An experienced foster family didn’t hesitate when we asked if they would foster her.

All Pet at Noah’s didn’t hesitate to squeeze her into their already busy schedule.

Her exam revealed a 106 degree temperature, a necrotic leg and a raging infection. Dr. Katz recommended emergency surgery to amputate her leg. We had to remove the source of infection. Again, the surgeon didn’t hesitate to stay late to perform the amputation.

It was risky, but emergency surgery was Snow White’s best chance at a second chance.

Everyone had a sigh of relief when we got the news that she did just fine. With the ongoing infection, it’ll be touch and go for the next few days. We will keep you updated on our Facebook page.

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