Thanks to your generous support, Sir Snot Nose of Hale, a tiny kitten who has endured significant hardship, is now receiving the care he so desperately needs. Rescued from the Shelbyville Animal Shelter in a pitiful state—with his face, nose, and eyes covered in green snot, plagued by fleas, and battling a severe upper respiratory infection—his situation was truly heartbreaking.

Because of your kindness, Sir Snot Nose is on antibiotics, savoring nourishing wet food, and has been liberated from those pesky fleas.

His remarkable transformation from the day we rescued him on the 16th to the present is a powerful testament to the significant impact that your compassion, a touch of TLC and professional veterinary attention can make in the delicate balance between life and death.

You have made a significant difference in his life, and we are immensely grateful for you.