Safe at Home

Found orphaned neonatal kittens and want to help?

Underage kittens (less than 8 weeks old) are at an extremely HIGH RISK at crowded shelters and rescues where disease can spread quickly and adversely affect these vulnerable animals, sometimes fatally.

Our local public intake facilities in Shelby, Rush, Decatur, Johnson, and Bartholomew counties do an incredible job of saving lives. but they need our help! There is simply not enough room to house. treat. and adopt out all of the kittens in need. When there is no more space. kittens are at high risk of euthanasia.

By supporting you as Good Samaritans who agree to nurture the kittens of the community cats. we reduce the number of cats outside and increase the number of spayed and neutered cats. In addition. more cats end up in loving homes.

If you agree to foster the kittens, we will help with supplies like food, litter, litterbox, etc.

But if you are helping neonatal, orphaned, motherless kittens still requiring bottle feeding around the clock, we provide FREE Bottle Baby Starter Kits. Each kit contains everything a foster needs to succeed: playpens/crates, Miracle nipples, bottles, Kitten Milk Replacement powder, Kitten Lady’s Orphan Kittens booklet (a 12-page resource about kitten foster care), scale, specialized heating pad, dry and canned food, litter, litter boxes, scratchers, non-prescription medicine, vaccines, everything. Check out what’s included in the video! If you want to sign up to foster orphaned kittens, click here to get signed up!

4 neonatal kittens lined up side by side with onesies on

4 orphaned kittens cared for by a Good Samaritan.