We are never satisfied

Yup, that’s how the volunteers feel as long as there are kittens dying in our city shelters. We’re never satisfied. We are always looking for ways to do better and do more.

Here’s the Stewart Family’s story on how they got started saving lives. She started off with 1 kitten and ends with the story of Thor and Loki, 2 orphan kittens the Stewart family took in at 3 days old! Helping 1 kitten snowballed into helping 12 kittens last year!

This is just one foster family. Our ability to provide the supplies and medical care for her foster kittens directly influenced her ability to deliver on her promise to that first kitten. Her family then went on to continue fostering kittens. With your financial support, we can create 10 additional SAFE AT HOME kitten foster kits and increase the number of foster families, which will directly increase the number of kittens we can save. Together, we can save them all.