When you are bottle feeding a kitten (or 4!), progress and health is measured in grams. Oliver’s foster mom noticed something wrong when he lost 50 grams of weight in only 36 hours. Something was wrong, indeed.

At only 23 days old, Oliver required emergency surgery to remove a cuterebra (bot fly larvae) from his tiny little neck. Thanks to Fall Creek Veterinary Clinic, his attentive foster mom, and donors like you, Oliver received that surgery and has made a full recovery!

Cats become infected with a botfly larva when they come into contact with a blade of grass that has a botfly maggot on it. The movement of the cat against the blade of grass stimulates the maggot to crawl onto the cat. The maggot then crawls around on the cat until it finds an orifice in which to enter. Oliver’s mom probably gave birth outisde, in a grassy area. Makes sense, it’s that time of year. Thankfully, only Oliver suffered and his siblings seem to be cuterebra free!

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Oliver, with his siblings, a day before surgery

The incision, after removal. No sutures are needed, as the wound will heal from the inside out.

The cuterebra (bot fly larvae) after removed from Oliver’s neck.

Up close of the cuterebra.

Oliver, fully recovered from emergency surgery.